CIM Session on DELL iDRac


During my last techdays sessions about PowerShell remoting, i was speaking about CIM Sessions on third party vendors. Here is an example to gather CIM datas from an DELL iDRac.

Since the lastest versions of iDRac, WSMan & DMTF standards are included, so indeed we can play with PowerShell 3+ with it through CIM Sessions.

First of all, you’ll have to read peacefully the CIM library profile from DELL site here. Now, let’s PowerShellize it !

Once thing here, is that i know my SSL Certificate is not signed and iDRac must receive UTF8 encoded chars. So we need to use New-CIMSessionOption to configure those bypasses/forces of parameters.

And now, the creating of the session. Few tips about it, you must force Authentication to basic if you are in a domain, because by defualt Kerberos will be used. The port must be forced to 443 because … this is the listening iDRac port 🙂

Here is the result.. a old good CIM Session through WSMan 🙂

Here, you’ll have to read the link previsouly given in the post, and you’ll can do something like that !


Cool isn’t it ?

Hope you’ll find an use for this !


NB: do not forget to close your CIM Session because if it’s gone on timeout, you won’t be able to kill your session until your restart physically your server. i Mean you have to unplug the CPU !