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Pester, Jenkins, Remote & ExitCode

  Continuous integration needs your systems and deployments to be totally controlled and tested. Pester is a good framework for that. I’ve already write about it on this blog. For one of our customer I’ve worked hand to hand with them on Infrastructure Continuous Delivery in Windows Environment. I won’t speak about the VMWare, Chef…

Build your Azure lab with DSC and validate it using Pester – 2/3

  After the first post of this series, we have now four virtual machines. The goal, now, is to apply Configurations. In order to apply configurations, you must use at least Azure SDK 0.8.6. In order to validate if your version is compatible, you can try this command:

This will permit to check if…

Create your first Pester script to test a DSC resource

  Maybe you already took a look to my previous post about Pester, Git and PowerShell interraction… If not, you really should before read this one. I won’t re-explain why it’s important for your work to use them, now, i will talk about how use them together to get your work done. Actually, i will…

Why you should use Pester and evolve to the devops side ?

  If you follow this blog, or maybe we already met before, you know i’m not a developper, actuallyt, i’m really far away from that 🙂 But, in your life, you can’t be always right, there are (many) times when you need to rethink about the whole situation. that’s exactly what’s happening to me now….