European PowerShell Summit 2015


You like PowerShell, you want to learn more about it ? You want to network with PowerShell team folks ? You want to visit Stockholm ? You want a powerful event runned by the community, a circular event, it means each year, a new country will be chosen! If you want PowerShell to be that strong and everyone use it -> Ok, this event is for you!!

This event will occurs 14 to 16 of September. So, why should I blog about it now ? Because, to make it happens again, Don Jones, needs 30 peeps booked before mid-April to start the machine and make this event happens



The agenda is just AWESOME, you won’t find any event with so much new content and you’ll improve your skills to a level you’d never imagine 🙂

  • Desired State Configuration
  • Chef
  • Exchange
  • Skype for business
  • IIS
  • Etc

As you see, this is a very large coverage of powershell utilization in real world case in order to make you much more stronger !! Last year, the feeling was very good, everyone hanging out after sessions, drinking beers or have a good meal. Well, this is really community, no marketing stuff or boring pre-sales sessions, I am sure, you will love it!

So before the 100 places limit is reached, ensure yourself to be present with an early booking.