Level up!


Today is a big day! Today is a day which means big changes in my life. For almost two years I’ve worked for a healthcare company named Vivalto Sante as a system and databases administrator. My goal was to bring high availability and more scalability in a heterogeneous environment, so many stuff I’ve never worked with and I now am very powerful with, especially Linux and MySQL.

I’ve also worked with a bunch of crazy guys, most of them are now friends, and, I am sure we’ll see each other as often as possible. And remember, if you need more DevOps in the future, i’ll help you 😉

You don’t trust me about the perfect harmony in the IT team? Look at how my office desk has been bombed two times (in one day ^^)!!

Office Desk 1 10994598_1571073576496155_6016501311466157591_n

But, in a career you have to take the opportunity when it comes around the corner, and this is exactly why I decided to make this move. When a services company offers you a job totally PowerShell oriented, you can’t refuse it.

This job will permit me to push my skills in automation and configuration management to the next level. I’ll work on DevOps cloud oriented projects for the French biggest companies and I’ll really try to make my Ops colleagues to learn the Dev side in order to make our work more efficient, if you read this blog, you already heard about Configuration Management, Continuous integration and all these kind of candies ! That’ll be my new daily world 😀

My position needs to be always accurate about new technologies, very cool? Yes, indeed, because it means I’ll be free to participate to event for speaking/learning, that part is awesome, and, I hope it’ll help the french PowerShell community to be stronger.

So, today I join Groupe SII, and I’m totally thrilled and exciting to level up with old friends !