SSH Powershell module



Linux VS Windows… this is how most of IT are looking in both sides. For me it’s completly different.. I think you must be able to use all tools  and enhance the possibilities thanks to this. Yhis is why i decided to start this project long time ago, because i didn’t find previous module doing this.

I decided to move most of the scripts to github in order to gain visibility for myself on my work on differents modules, and allow me to have easy access to previous version for my dev.

So, this script/module is moving to this page !

To get the correct DLL for your system, you must grab it to the SSH.Net Codeplex site


Once the dll downloaded, change the following line to match your configuration.

$AssemblyFile = 'D:\Powershell\dev\Renci.SshNet.4.0.dll'

See ya !