Quick: Easily install Windows Containers images


In this previous post I was telling you that you need to download the Windows Core WIM image before start playing with containers on Windows. The game has already change, and you have a module named ContainerProvider that’ll help you with that !

This module is available on the PSGallery. Installating it is a piece of cake

Install-Package ContainerProvider

Answer Yes if you still hasn’t mark PSGallery to a Trusted repository.

Install Windows ContainerProvider module

Once it’s done, you’ll have few new cmdlets.

Get-Command -Module ContainerProvider

New Containers cmdlets available

Ok, so let’s look at what kind of Container images we have 🙂


Containers images available

Seems we have two images availables. Please remember that’s you can use NanoServer images only on a NanoServer host!

As i’m not on a Nano Server, it’ll choose WindowsServerCore for installation

Install-ContainerImage -Name WindowsServerCore

You now have your image available to play !


List install container images

Enjoy !