ReBUILD 2014

In USA, Microsoft BUILD was one of the best IT event with lots of announcements. ReBUILD is the french version, organized by and for the Microsoft community, and for one day, the 2 of October 2014

Agenda is available here. Like always in France not so many PowerShell session…. Only one !

I’ll speak with Eudo  about the orchestration of lync deployment with Powershell v4 (Maybe v5, depends of his availability ^^):

  • Workflows
  • Remoting
  • Lync cmdlets
  • Exchange cmdlets
  • Hyper-V cmdlets
  • etc 🙂

If you want to learn good stuff, and spend a good day with many MVP and MSP, don’t hesitate, go to and take your ticket here !

Ah! And by the way enter the  Nokia/Microsoft Windows Phone contest with Rudy HUYN and with one Lumia 920 and one 620 !