What is your PowerShell resolution ?


I’ve just read the Boe Prox blog post about PowerShell resolution for 2015, and now it’s my turn.

2014 was such a great year for me, I was honored by a PowerShell MVP award, spoke with Carlo Mancini during French Techdays, on BreizhCamp and MUG Ouest in my hometown. As well, the PowerShell Summit in Amsterdam was so fucking good and i can’t wait to go in the next European edition! If I’m lucky enough I may find some time to go visit our german friends who’ll held the German PowerShell Conference.

The only black point for 2014 is the french PowerShell community… We failed to build something a strong user group. The motivation was here, but none of us had time to lunch the project. This is sad, because here PowerShell isn’t very know and it’d been a great way of evangelize the public 🙂

So, this year, there are many things i want to do, but like Boe, i’ll limit myself to four resolutions:

  • Build a French PowerShell User Group
  • Learn english to speak at international events
  • Find a new job DevOps oriented
  • Go deeper in Desired State Configuration, and apply this to O365, Sharepoint, Lync & co.

Now, i’m really interested what you want to do during this New Year with PowerShell ?

Happy New Year!