You must go to PowerShell Conference Europe 2016 !


PowerShell European Konference is a must for everyone who use PowerShell, but not only. It’s also mandatory for every peeps who think that IT is not a matter of only IT guys, i mean you.. yes.. you, the Dev guy, you should come to see what Microsoft offers us to bring Dev & Ops together 🙂

The conference will take place in Hannover Germany from 20/04/2016 to 22/04/2016 & the 19th is filled with a preconference. Four tracks exists, one german and three english (Check The “awesome” schedule) with many of the best PowerSheller i know, so if you really want to improve your skills, this is the place to be! The conference takes place in the Hannover Conference Centrum (HCC).

In addition to the technical stuff, you’ll be in a super limited size conference, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat and discuss with some peeps of the PowerShell team directly imported from Redmond as well as MPVs drinking beers (do i need to mention the quality of the german beer ?)

At the end of the first event day, you’ll be convied to an  awesome and very unique evening event . We will all walk down to Yukon Bay, an ancient gold digger town in the center of Hannover Zoo that opens all night exclusively for us. Surrounded by polar bears and penguins, this is the perfect place to decelerate, connect with others, enjoy great food and drinks, and get to know PowerShellers from all across the world.

So let’s get your ticket and have fun there !